No Diet – Weight Loss Tip #3

Out with the Lowball & in with the Highball (glassware)

I’m going old school terminology for a minute here, so hang with me.

There are so many sizes and shapes of stemware to choose from.  Most of us, however, go for stocking a ‘versatile’ glass size which is mid-high and mid-wide.  It’s a practical choice if we’re not setting a fancy table.

There are some interesting takes on glass size that I’m going to share with you.  Using a tall skinny glass has the same or less oz. than a short wide glass.    highball lowball glass

Now if you are drinking anything other than water, it’s best to go with the Highball glassware.  It will fool your eyes and your stomach into thinking you are drinking more fluid than you actually are.

If you are drinking a glass of water before a meal to fill up faster then reverse the size and drink your water out of the lowball glass.

Depending on your purpose and what beverage you are drinking will determine the best glass to use so we recommend having both in your kitchen cupboard.

Tiny changes don’t exist; they’re all big steps forward.

Remember don’t count calories; count nutritional content…

Here’s to your health.




No Diet – Weight Loss Tip #1

Change Your Plate Size.

A simple yet effective method of non-dieting is to change your plate size.

There is a direct correlation between the serving size of your food and your plate size.  We tend to fill up the surface of the plate and eat approximately 92% of what is served to us.  changing plate size

In Europe, the average size meal plate is 9″.  I feel this is the optimal size but don’t rush out and get 9″ plates quite yet.

It’s interesting to note that decades ago in the US, the average sized meal plate was 7″ – 9″.  Today the typical size of a meal plate is 10″ – 12″.  Also, you may have noticed that many US restaurants are now using 13″ plates and loading them up with the entres.

By decreasing the size of your meal plate a couple of inches you will obstenceibly reduce your food intake by 25%.  Your brain center responsible for hunger won’t notice any change at all.portion distortion

To find smaller plates you can go to any store.  Outlet stores are a great way to find plate sets.  Don’t forget garage sales and thrift stores where you can often find old treasures such as vintage china, etc.

This is an easy and painless small change leading to big results over time.

Tiny changes don’t exist; they’re all forward steps.

Remember don’t count calories; count nutritional content…

Here’s to your health.



No Diet – Weight Loss Tip #5

Out of Sight – Out of Mind.

If you have a bag of chips on the countertop, put them in the pantry or cupboard.  When we see easy to reach foods our brains signal to our hunger center, hey that’s a good idea, we’re hungry and so we grab the bag of chips and start munching.

If that bag of chips is put in the pantry behind closed doors (mind you, still accessible) the odds are greater that we won’t participate in ‘mindless eating’.  bag of chips

I’m not suggesting that you quit the chips, I certainly am a chip fan myself, but there are ways to minimize our total consumption of them at one time.

If you are an overachiever you can pick up some munchie veggies or fruit and put them in a pretty bowl.  Now go ahead and put the pretty bowl filled with healthy snacks in the same spot that the bag of chips was sitting before.  Guess where your brain will take you to the healthy snacks by default.

Tiny changes don’t exist; they’re all forward steps.

Remember don’t count calories; count on nutritional content…

Here’s to your health.