Summer Fun with Fido

We all love to take our furry friend with us when enjoying outdoor activities.
In fact, water sports are always a great way to spend some cool summer fun.
Yes, Fido can come along for the fun just keep these considerations in mind.
Always have fresh cool clean water available for her.  When we hydrate, so should they.
water dog
Some breeds of dog are built better for water than others.  It’s likely you already know if your pup is a water lover and good at swimming.
If they indeed are water wigglers keep a watchful eye on them while at play.  They tend to get into trouble just like human toddlers can.
Brachycephalic dog breeds aren’t known for their aquatic talents and it’s a great idea to have a life jacket for him.  Especially if any kind of boating is involved.  It is still a good idea for all types of dog to have on a well-fitted life jacket if boating in any way.
frenchie lifejacket
Also, it’s important for us to remember that their paw pads are just like our bare feet. If in doubt about the heat of the ground stand barefoot and count to 7. If it’s too hot for you then it’s too hot for them. Consider a different ground surface or carry them to your intended destination.
Happy Fun in the Sun