Top 3 ways to Avoid GMO foods

1: Buy organic. National and state organic certification rules do not allow GMOs to be labeled “organic.”  When you buy organic, you buy food free not only of synthetic organicpesticides but also genetically modified ingredients.  If you ever compare an organic tomato to a non-organic you can visually tell the tremendous difference in the two pieces of fruit.  It’s really quite stunning.


2: Buy food certified as “Non-GMO Project Verified.”  The non-profit organization Non-GMO Project operates a detailed, voluntary certification process so that food producers can test and verify that, to the best of their knowledge, they have avoided using genetically modified ingredients in their products. The Non-GMO Project is the only organization offering independent verification for GMO products in the U.S. and Canada (Non-GMO Project 2014). Non-GMO Project Verified Logo



3:  Grow your own fruit and veggies.  The surefire way to make sure your food is healthy and free of pesticides is to grow your own.  It may not be practical for many but it can be a fun family project and the gardenchildren learn where their food comes from.  It is also satisfying to know that the yummy food on the dinner plate was a family effort.


4 Reasons to Embrace your Gray Goddess Hair

As a 50+ year young woman, I unknowingly had just scheduled my last hair coloring appointment.

Over the years my enhanced highlights had gone from occasional to necessary. I was a prisoner to my external image.

No more, time to quit the uphill battle of looking 30 something. I decided to just say NO and embrace my well-earned midlife authentic self, gray hair and all.

1. The most liberating aspect of embracing my graying hair is that I am no longer subject to the Male dominated societal pressures of how we should look. If we women take charge of how we decide to present ourselves, we’re taking back our authentic power. The time is now.

2. Going gray doesn’t mean letting yourself go. Since most of my gray is in the front of my head, I’ll be periodically weaving blond highlights into my dark dishwater blonde. This helps to soften the transition to gray. Some gals even put lowlights in.

3. Aging is a process for us lucky ones who are still here. We must embrace and value our wisdom, learned and earned in years gone by. We are stronger when our authentic selves show up.

4. We can be creative, funky, classic, boho or chic at any age. Gray hair is the new in style for 30 something gals.  Let’s show them how it’s done.

As it turns out I didn’t have my last hair appt. What I did have was an epiphany and now my must go to hair color schedule is back to the original occasional scheduling.

I am now officially one step closer to a low maintenance goddess.

Leave us a comment if you have or are considering going gray.

The 5 Healthiest Beverages You Should Be Drinking Now

Choosing healthy food is important if you want to feel great and stay well, but equally as important are the beverages you choose to consume.

But with so many supposedly health-enhancing beverages to choose from today, how are you to know what really are the healthiest beverages?

From stevia-sweetened sodas and waters with “natural flavors,” to coconut water and kombucha, it can be confusing to figure out the best choices.

If you really want to boost your health, what does the science reveal about the healthiest beverages?

Let’s take a look …

1. Water

We all know proper hydration is important. But did you know that many people live in a state of chronic, low-level dehydration that can affect every part of their health — even the ability to think clearly?

In a recent study at the University of East London, more than half of school children tested were found to be in a state of mild dehydration at the beginning of the school day. Children were given a test to measure cognitive performance, and then were given glasses of water and retested. In nearly every measure, including happiness, visual attention, and visual search, their scores increased.

Similar studies with both children and adults have confirmed the findings that proper hydration is essential for cognitive performance and mental health.

If you’re a soda addict and are having difficulty switching to water, try sparkling water. A Soda Stream™ machine is more eco-friendly and more affordable in the long term than buying bottled sparkling water. Plus, carbonated water has been shown to relieve dyspepsia (pain, bloating and nausea) as well as constipation.

If you prefer drinking flavored beverages rather than water, you might try infusing drinking water (sparkling or not) with a slice of lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit. Fresh mint leaves, cucumbers, sliced strawberries, or sliced ginger are also delicious. To infuse water, you can try an infusion bottle or simply make up a pitcher and chill it in the refrigerator for a refreshing treat anytime.

Water is the most natural beverage on the planet, and ideally, we should consume an abundance of fresh, clean water every day. But unfortunately, much of our water is polluted. Find out more about water pollution, and about water filtration options, here.

green tea2. Green Tea

Green tea is widely reported as one of the best beverages for cancer prevention, but did you know that green tea has also been found to improve artery function, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease?

Our blood vessels are lined with the endothelium – a thin, protective lining of cells. The endothelial cells produce a gas called nitric oxide which helps our blood flow smoothly. These precious cells only live for about 30 years. As these cells die and are replaced, people in their 40s and 50s often experience a decline in endothelial function. This decline in endothelial function is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and more.

However, a decline in endothelial function is not inevitable. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that Chinese adults were less susceptible than white Australians to endothelial dysfunction and, in fact, the older Chinese studied had the arterial function of Australians in their 20s!

What was their secret? Researchers believe it was participants’ traditional Chinese diet, including green tea – rich in flavonoids.

In another study, adding milk – whether cow’s milk or soy milk — was found to dramatically reduce the bioavailability of the antioxidants in tea.

Adding lemon, however, was found to increase levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants help prevent the damaging effects of oxidation on cells throughout the body.

How-to-make-Hibiscus-Tea-its-Benefits-23. Hibiscus Tea

In 2010, an extensive study was conducted on the total antioxidant content of more than 3,100 foods, beverages, spices, herbs, and supplements used worldwide. This study included 283 beverages. Of all beverages included, hibiscus tea was found to be highest in antioxidants.

For comparison, green tea has 36 mmol/100g of antioxidants, a cup of coffee has 47 mmol/100g, matcha tea (powdered green tea) has 100 and hibiscus tea has an extraordinary 136!

Hibiscus leaves are what make Red Zinger™ tea “zingy,” and they can be quite tart. One way to sweeten this ruby red herbal tea is by making a variation of the classic Mexican drink, called Agua Fresca. This is traditionally made with watermelon, lime, and sugar, but you can leave out the sugar. This Hibiscus Agua Fresca takes advantage of the natural tartness of hibiscus and blends it with the sweet flavor of watermelon to create a delicious flavor combination.

From a health perspective, the dietary flavonoids in watermelon have been shown to be anti-inflammatory and reduce muscle soreness after exercise. Watermelon is also rich in citrulline, which is metabolized into arginine, an essential amino acid. The consumption of citrulline has been shown to help improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

So, if you’d like to sweeten your hibiscus tea — and perhaps even add a little vitality to your love life — try my healthy, three-ingredient, naturally sugar-free version of this summertime classic.

4. Water with Apple Cider Vinegar

A glass of water with the addition of apple cider vinegar has long been used as a folk remedy for many ailments.

Recent studies have confirmed that consuming vinegar with a meal reduces the spike in blood sugar, insulin, and triglycerides. It also increases satiety – the feeling of being full after a meal.

In a recent Japanese studyvinegar intake was found to reduce body weight and body fat mass. During the 12-week trial, study participants were randomized into three groups and given similar vinegar beverages to drink each day – a high dose group, a low dose group and a control group, which was given a vinegar flavored drink containing no vinegar at all (a placebo).

The high dose group was given a beverage containing 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day and the low dose group was given a beverage containing 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day. Both vinegar groups saw a reduction in weight and fat mass over the course of 12 weeks, while the control group gained weight. The high dose group lost more weight and fat than the low dose group – an average of 5 pounds and one inch of abdominal fat!

If you’d like to make your own vinegar beverage, simply add 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces of water.

*Note: Don’t drink vinegar straight. The acetic acid in vinegar can burn your esophagus. 

white-tea-in-cup-1296x7285. White Tea

White, green, oolong, and black teas all come from the same tea plant – Camellia sinensis. But they differ in how they are processed.

White tea is the least processed, followed by green, then oolong, then black, which is the most processed. The leaves and buds of white tea are simply steamed and dried. White tea also has a light, delicate flavor. It’s my personal favorite. I drink a cup of this white tea every morning.

Green tea has the highest level of antioxidants of the camellia sinensis teas at 5.73 mmol/l Fe2+ and once lemon is added, the levels of antioxidants are slightly increased to 6.39. White tea, however, begins at 4.02 mmol/l Fe2+ but adding lemon more than triples its antioxidant levels to 15.2!

So, white tea with lemon is by far the tea highest in antioxidants.

What if you are especially concerned about cancer prevention and survival? A recent study at Oregon State University suggested that “The degree of protection by tea appeared to be related to the extent of processing since green was generally more effective than black tea in vitro and in vivo. This suggested the possibility that higher antimutagenic or anticarcinogenic activity might be expected from teas that have undergone the least amount of processing.”

This means that white tea might be even better at fighting cancer than green tea. Researchers put this to the test by testing green vs. white tea against heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (powerful, yet common carcinogens found in cooked meat). Both the green and white teas reduced levels of mutations and DNA damage, with green tea dropping levels of DNA damage by half, but white tea dropping levels nearly 100%!

What Is The Best Way to Make Tea?

Besides adding lemon juice, here’s another way to get the most out of tea.

Scientists in Italy studied the effects of cold-brewing — adding tea to cold water and steeping it for at least 2 hours. They found that contrary to what you might think, brewing tea in cold water rather than hot, increases levels of antioxidant activity – presumably because some of the catechins, the antioxidants in tea, may be destroyed by hot water.

So, rather than brewing a pot of tea using the traditional hot water method, consider simply throwing a few tea bags in a pitcher of cold, filtered water at night, putting it in the fridge and drinking it cold in the morning!


Hydration is critical to every function in your body. Water is essential. Tea, hibiscus, and vinegar add antioxidants, flavonoids, and other potent nutrients that can give your health a powerful boost.

Tea is made from leaves. Vinegar is made from apple juice or grape juice. What do these beverages have in common? They are made from two of the world’s healthiest foods – leafy greens and fruit!

So find healthy drinks you love and make it a habit to enjoy frequently with friends!

“Published originally by Food Health Network”

Dogs Eating Grass ?

So your dog is eating grass. This is quite common and you needn’t get all worked up about it. There are a few reasons that your beloved furry friend is indulging in the greens.
dog eat grass

The primary reason that your pooch is indulging in the green blades typically found in his backyard is that it tastes good. Yep, it’s that simple, It tastes good to them. If you observe more closely you will likely find that there are specific blades of grass that pooch favors. She’ll forage for the same type of young bright green grass. The darker, thicker and older blades are normally passed over. One reason we think ‘furry’ chooses the young blades is because they are sweeter and more tender hence tastier. Another reason is that the young blades offer ample amounts of Chlorophyll. We all benefit from daily greens.


There is another reason you might see your pooch snarfing down gobs of green grass without regard.  This behavior indicated stomach upset.  She may have ingested something that needs to come back up and out.  Maybe bad food or some random environmental intake.  This way of grass eating will more likely produce vomiting.  Which was likely the reason for her eating gobs of it in the first place.

Dogs are amazing creatures and we can learn from watching them and their behaviors.

Amazing Study: Mushrooms Reduce Breast Cancer by 64%

blog-featured_mushrooms-20180515Mushrooms for cancer? Mushrooms having stunning powers to help prevent and fight breast cancer and other types of cancer. See what types of mushrooms you should be eating including a delicious, plant-based recipe for mushroom soup.
The ancient Egyptians believed eating mushrooms brought long life.


While their scientific method was not entirely sound by modern standards, scientists today are investigating the medicinal properties of mushrooms and beginning to see fascinating results.

Researchers from the University of Western Australia in Perth conducted a study of 2,000 Chinese women. (About half had suffered from breast cancer.)

The scientists reviewed the women’s eating habits and factored out other variables that contribute to cancer, such as being overweight, lack of exercise, and smoking. And they came to a startling finding about mushrooms.

Women who consumed at least a third of an ounce of fresh mushrooms every day (about one mushroom per day) were 64% less likely to develop breast cancer.

In the study, dried mushrooms had a slightly less protective effect, reducing the risk by around half.

Even more impressive, women who combined eating mushrooms with regular consumption of green tea saw an even greater benefit — they reduced their breast cancer risk by an astounding 89%.

Why Do Mushrooms Fight Cancer?

Mushrooms are thought to protect against breast and other hormone-related cancers particularly because they inhibit an enzyme called aromatase, which produces estrogen.

Mushrooms are one of the very few foods that inhibit aromatase (pomegranate is another). And several varieties of mushrooms, including the commonly eaten white button and portobello mushrooms, have strong anti-aromatase activity.

But consumption of mushrooms protects against more than hormone-dependent cancers. Mushrooms also contain specialized lectins that recognize cancer cells and have been found to prevent cancer cells from growing and dividing.

Which Mushrooms Are Best to Prevent Cancer?

variety of mushrooms with chopsticks

Thousands of kinds of mushrooms exist, and our understanding of their cancer-fighting and health-promoting properties is growing rapidly — but it’s still in its infancy.

In addition to button mushrooms, white, crimini, shitake, oyster, portabella, maitake, turkey tail, and reishi mushrooms all contain bioactive compounds with the potential for potent anti-cancer activity.

These mushroom phytochemicals have anti-angiogenic, antiproliferative, and other anti-cancer effects, which have been studied so far in relation to stomach, colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers.

As it turns out, white button mushrooms or big white mushrooms (stuffing mushrooms) are best for breast cancer prevention. So eating white mushrooms daily can be a significant step you can take to avoid breast cancer.

How To Enjoy Mushrooms in Your Diet

Mushrooms bring special flavor and texture and are able to enhance a wide variety of dishes. They work well in combination with most food groups.

But they are best enjoyed cooked (never raw to avoid toxins), and as close to daily as possible. And of course, never pick wild mushrooms unless you are certain they are edible.

We hope that you have found this information and would love for you to share it with a few friends.

Have a wonderful day.


Originally published by Food Network Revolution 2016

Top 2 Reasons you Dog Eats Grass

So your dog is eating grass. This is quite common and you needn’t get all worked up about it. There are a couple of reasons that your beloved furry friend is indulging in the greens.  Read eat grass

The primary reason that your pooch is indulging in the green blades typically found in his backyard is that it tastes good. Yep, it’s that simple, It tastes good to them. If you observe more closely you will likely find that there are specific blades of grass that Fido favors.  He’ll forage for the young bright green grasses primarily. The darker, thicker and older blades are normally passed over. One reason we think puppy chooses the young blades is that they’re sweeter and more tender hence tastier. Another reason is that the young blades offer ample amounts of Chlorophyll. We benefit from daily greens and so does pooch.

Occasionally you may see your pooch snarfing down gobs of green grass without regard. This behavior indicates stomach upset. He may have ingested something that needs to get back out. Maybe bad food, random environmental elements, etc. This type of grass intake will more often than not produce vomiting. Which likely was the desired result and reason for him eating gobs of grass in the first place.wolf-puppy-eating-grass-

Dogs are amazing creatures and we can learn from watching them and their behaviors.  They often intuitively know more than we think they do.



Summer Fun with Fido

We all love to take our furry friend with us when enjoying outdoor activities.
In fact, water sports are always a great way to spend some cool summer fun.
Yes, Fido can come along for the fun just keep these considerations in mind.
Always have fresh cool clean water available for her.  When we hydrate, so should they.
water dog
Some breeds of dog are built better for water than others.  It’s likely you already know if your pup is a water lover and good at swimming.
If they indeed are water wigglers keep a watchful eye on them while at play.  They tend to get into trouble just like human toddlers can.
Brachycephalic dog breeds aren’t known for their aquatic talents and it’s a great idea to have a life jacket for him.  Especially if any kind of boating is involved.  It is still a good idea for all types of dog to have on a well-fitted life jacket if boating in any way.
frenchie lifejacket
Also, it’s important for us to remember that their paw pads are just like our bare feet. If in doubt about the heat of the ground stand barefoot and count to 7. If it’s too hot for you then it’s too hot for them. Consider a different ground surface or carry them to your intended destination.
Happy Fun in the Sun

Just Smile…

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right?  Me too.

When feeling stressed or overwhelmed I’ve found that taking a minute to pause and then smiling helps.  Yep, just a simple pause, breath and then smile.

My dog keeps a constant watch out the window for a ferocious frequent visitor, Mr. Squirrel.  When her patience pays off, she goes bonkers and has to get outside to protect her turf.

Dutifully I let her outside and watch her fly down the steps, beelining to her intended target.  I just smile knowing that she’ll never catch that ferocious Mr. Squirrel.  I just smile.

Sometimes I put dinner in the oven; forget about it; burn it and then go out to eat.  Smiling, I wonder if I subconsciously planned it after all.

So smile. Just smile. 🙂saying


What Day Dreams are made of

Day dreaming is one of my lifelong pastimes.  Drifting off to a magical reality has always been a favorite way for me to pass the time.  Some people may not recommend daydreaming but I find it to be a most enjoyable way to take a quick break, a refresher of the imagination, allowing the routine to continue uninterrupted.

It’s not that my current reality is mundane, yet I admit it can be.  Really I’ve just wanted a pet dragon whose color is like that of a chameleon.  I imagine flying with my Pegasus would offer a glorious view from up high.  My magical powers would be used only for good as evil doesn’t exist in my fantasy world.

We can dream up any fabulous world where we find happiness and wonder.  When we return to this current reality we bring a dusting of that magic with us.  The magic then spreads throughout our daily goings on.

I wholeheartedly support daydreaming for any and all that want a touch of magic to be with them on any given day.

Happy Day Dreaming to all.

selective focus photography of dreamcatchers
Photo by Artem Bali on