All Things Dog

My first recalled puppy memories were of the family dog, a miniature schnauzer named Pixie.  I would play dress up with her for hours.  She was so much more fun to play with that the dolls I had sitting around my girlie room.  I’d put her in doll clothes; stroll her around the house; have her sit human-like in dad’s recliner; she was 100% compliant.  This started my lifelong love of all things dog.

Living your life with the added joy, love and entertainment you’ll receive from your canine friend is invaluable. Often while watching my dogs, I am reminded by them to live in the moment. This is a lesson we often forget with today’s busy lifestyle. If only we can remember to stop and smell the roses. This is what my dogs have taught me. I observe them living this way, with the right attitude, not in the past and not in the future, but in the present. I like that. It is a refreshing reminder to me that living in the moment is where we should all be.”

An excerpt from the ebook “Picking the Perfect Puppy.”  This ebook is overflowing with great information and advice everyone who has or will have a dog in their future needs to read.  It also talks about the varied breeds and their specific needs, energy levels, breed tendencies, etc.

Do you have a favorite dog story from days gone by?  If so leave us a comment on it as we are looking to publish other dog stories.

Have a blessed day.

A Countryside Cavalier puppy