4 Reasons to Embrace your Gray Goddess Hair

As a 50+ year young woman, I unknowingly had just scheduled my last hair coloring appointment.

Over the years my enhanced highlights had gone from occasional to necessary. I was a prisoner to my external image.

No more, time to quit the uphill battle of looking 30 something. I decided to just say NO and embrace my well-earned midlife authentic self, gray hair and all.

1. The most liberating aspect of embracing my graying hair is that I am no longer subject to the Male dominated societal pressures of how we should look. If we women take charge of how we decide to present ourselves, we’re taking back our authentic power. The time is now.

2. Going gray doesn’t mean letting yourself go. Since most of my gray is in the front of my head, I’ll be periodically weaving blond highlights into my dark dishwater blonde. This helps to soften the transition to gray. Some gals even put lowlights in.

3. Aging is a process for us lucky ones who are still here. We must embrace and value our wisdom, learned and earned in years gone by. We are stronger when our authentic selves show up.

4. We can be creative, funky, classic, boho or chic at any age. Gray hair is the new in style for 30 something gals.  Let’s show them how it’s done.

As it turns out I didn’t have my last hair appt. What I did have was an epiphany and now my must go to hair color schedule is back to the original occasional scheduling.

I am now officially one step closer to a low maintenance goddess.

Leave us a comment if you have or are considering going gray.

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