Top 2 Reasons you Dog Eats Grass

So your dog is eating grass. This is quite common and you needn’t get all worked up about it. There are a couple of reasons that your beloved furry friend is indulging in the greens.  Read eat grass

The primary reason that your pooch is indulging in the green blades typically found in his backyard is that it tastes good. Yep, it’s that simple, It tastes good to them. If you observe more closely you will likely find that there are specific blades of grass that Fido favors.  He’ll forage for the young bright green grasses primarily. The darker, thicker and older blades are normally passed over. One reason we think puppy chooses the young blades is that they’re sweeter and more tender hence tastier. Another reason is that the young blades offer ample amounts of Chlorophyll. We benefit from daily greens and so does pooch.

Occasionally you may see your pooch snarfing down gobs of green grass without regard. This behavior indicates stomach upset. He may have ingested something that needs to get back out. Maybe bad food, random environmental elements, etc. This type of grass intake will more often than not produce vomiting. Which likely was the desired result and reason for him eating gobs of grass in the first place.wolf-puppy-eating-grass-

Dogs are amazing creatures and we can learn from watching them and their behaviors.  They often intuitively know more than we think they do.



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