Just Smile…

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right?  Me too.

When feeling stressed or overwhelmed I’ve found that taking a minute to pause and then smiling helps.  Yep, just a simple pause, breath and then smile.

My dog keeps a constant watch out the window for a ferocious frequent visitor, Mr. Squirrel.  When her patience pays off, she goes bonkers and has to get outside to protect her turf.

Dutifully I let her outside and watch her fly down the steps, beelining to her intended target.  I just smile knowing that she’ll never catch that ferocious Mr. Squirrel.  I just smile.

Sometimes I put dinner in the oven; forget about it; burn it and then go out to eat.  Smiling, I wonder if I subconsciously planned it after all.

So smile. Just smile. 🙂saying


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